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Features of Web Application Security Testing

"Almost 99% websites have at least one vulnerability. Find your website's weaknesses and patch them up before it hurts your business. "

  • High level executive summary report.
  • Technical documentation that allows you to recreate our findings.
  • Fact-based risk analysis to validate results.
  • Tactical recommendations for immediate improvement.
  • Strategic recommendations for long-term improvement.

Zero False Positive Results

False positive result can occur when a cyber security tool detects, within a non-malicious object, a signature identical to that of a known unhealthy object.

Detailed issue tracker with confirmatory sheet

When you’re talking about an issue in an application, you really mean a problem, but specifically a problem that is related to your application. This problem may be about to happen or is currently happening, but it must be resolved as quickly as possible or else risk the whole project.

Transparency on project status

We offer you fully Transparency it means the quality of application security assessment being done in an open way without secrets to build trust, to keep work on track and to improve productivity.

Next Level Vulnerability Reporting

What is critical and with medium risk priority based on OWSAP top 10 | SANS | DREAD | STRIDE | PTES | Etc. In addition, you can download reports in PDF, XML and CSV and easily share them with team members, executives, and clients.

Highly qualified, certified and Experienced expertise

We have Highly qualified, certified and Experienced expert who Detects Invisible Security gaps and secure them.

Recommendations for the highest level of protection.

We provides recommendations for the highest level of protection to ensure all vulnerabilities get patched in easy way.

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Web application security Assessment is the process of testing, analyzing and reporting on the security level and/or posture of a Web application.

Preventing the loss of sensitive data, understanding that security is about more than just testing. Security is required to maintain business reputation and minimize losses,mitigate the risk of legal action from data theft by helping to Protect your customer's data.

Costing basically depends on the application, its working and environment.

Yes, for sure. We assist your developers in fixing the vulnerabilities reported. Your developer can comment under each vulnerability if they have any questions regarding the fixation process.

A report which consist of finding categorized in single report and identified vulnerability will be assessed and supplemented with recommendation and remediation along with prioritized according to Risk assessment based on DREAD or STRIDE.