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ISO/IEC 27001 Implementation

New or existing organizations seeking ISO 27001 implementation assistance can rely on Dreamworks Infotech. We offer customized compliance solutions and provide comprehensive employee training for effective adoption of compliance.

ISO/IEC 27001 Audit

ISO audits are crucial for the success of every company, regardless of its size. Regular audits, tailored to the business nature and size, provide invaluable insights to the Decision Making Units (DMU). Understanding the company's intricacies aids informed decision-making across all scenarios.

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Strengthen Security

ISO 27001 audit enhances information security by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities.

Ensure Compliance

Audits help meet regulatory requirements and prevent legal consequences.

Build Trust

Regular audits boost customer confidence in data protection measures.

Foster Improvement

The audit process drives continuous enhancement of security practices against evolving threats.

Why get audited?

Benefits of ISO 27001 Audit.

The audit provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of your security controls, enabling you to make informed decisions for continuous improvement, strengthen your security posture, and instill confidence in your stakeholders that their information is in safe hands.

ISO 27001 Approach & Process

"ISO 27001 is a globally recognized standard for information security management systems (ISMS). It provides a systematic approach to managing sensitive company information, ensuring its confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Implementing ISO 27001 involves the following approach and process: "

Initiate and Scope the Project

  • Obtain management buy-in and support for the ISO 27001 implementation project.
  • Define the scope of the ISMS, identifying the assets, processes, and departments that will be included.

Perform Risk Assessment

  • Identify and assess information security risks that could impact the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets.
  • Determine the risk levels and prioritize the risks based on their potential impact.

Develop the Information Security Management System (ISMS)

  • Develop policies, procedures, and processes to address identified risks and mitigate them appropriately.
  • Establish an Information Security Policy that sets the framework for the ISMS.

Implement Security Controls

  • Based on the risk assessment and the requirements of ISO 27001, implement appropriate security controls to safeguard information assets.
  • These controls may include technical measures (e.g., firewalls, encryption), organizational measures (e.g., access control policies), and physical measures (e.g., access restrictions to data centers).

Raise Awareness and Training

  • Ensure that all employees are aware of the information security policies and their roles in implementing them.
  • Provide training to employees on security best practices and how to handle information securely.

Conduct Internal Audits

  • Perform regular internal audits of the ISMS to check for compliance with ISO 27001 requirements and the effectiveness of implemented controls.
  • Identify areas for improvement and take corrective actions for any non-conformities.

Management Review

  • Conduct periodic reviews with top management to assess the performance of the ISMS.
  • Review the results of internal audits and identify opportunities for improvement.

Implement Continual Improvement

  • Continuously monitor the effectiveness of the ISMS and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Make adjustments to the ISMS as needed to address changing security threats and organizational requirements.

Prepare for External Certification Audit

  • Select an accredited certification body to perform an external audit of the ISMS.
  • Ensure that all necessary documentation and evidence are ready for the certification audit.

External Certification Audit

The certification body will conduct an independent audit to assess the organization's compliance with ISO 27001 requirements.

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Implementing ISO 27001 shows all interested parties that your organisation takes infosec seriously and does as much as possible to:

  • Carry out practical, comprehensive risk assessments.
  • Reduce identified risks to an acceptable level.
  • Manage those risks effectively.
  • Reducing your organisation’s information security and data protection risks.
  • Helping it attract new customers and retain existing clients, saving time and resources.
  • Improving the reputation of and strengthening trust in your organisation ISO 27001 will also help your organisation comply with other regulations and standards, such as privacy regulation GDPR, infosec standards Cyber Essentials and PCI DSS.

All company who stores data or work with data, follow process for production of goods, manage staff and has branches in distinct geographical areas as well as whose clients or prospect demand sought proof of your company’s security against an internationally accepted standard. In short, we can say that A company has People, Process and Technology requires ISO 27001 Audit.

Costing Basically Depends on the Organization and Its working.

Because ISO 27001 is mainly a framework for developing an ISMS, it will not cover all of the specific rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) instituted by the European Union. However, when paired with ISO 27701, which covers the establishment of a data privacy system, organizations will be able to fully meet the requirements specified in GDPR.

Companies of all sizes need to recognize the importance of cybersecurity, but simply setting up an IT security group within the organization is not enough to ensure data integrity. An ISMS is a critical tool, especially for groups that are spread across multiple locations or countries, as it covers all end-to-end processes related to security.

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